September Moon

I am a self professed moon girl. My wedding song was about the moon, I have a janky tattoo of the moon on the center of my back, my core. (I very much regret this tattoo, but my love for Lady Luna remains strong) It's been my constant; it has given me permission to be at my wildest, best, and probably my worst. It's light has cooled the hottest of summer nights and lit up the windows, when it was to cold and snowy to be hopeful. Usually, September's full moon is the Harvest Moon, but not this year. What makes it a Harvest Moon? The full moon closest to the autumnal equinox takes that term, and this year it's officially in October. My sweet September Moon will wear the sash as the Barley Moon, or the Corn Moon, as this is historically (depending where you are) the best time to harvest these crops. So if it's clear, it's likely you will find me laying in my driveway, looking up, and soaking in the rays.


A handy moon phase calendar can be found here