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Our Folklyfe

Earlier this month, we resumed filming our heritage web series, 'folklyfe, ' at the Hibbs House in Washington Crossing Historic Park. We chose this site and subject of open hearth cookery to be the kick off of the larger episodes- it is what I felt safest with. I felt confident and secure in the site and with what I was speaking about, and that really helps me with the whole camera thing. That, and a couple of shots of Fireball.

This year has been trying- we had laid out everything we needed to make this happen seamlessly. But, life. We were originally dissuaded from continuing production early last year because we were contacted by a publisher who wanted to make this a book instead of a web series. I have to admit, we entertained the notion of scrapping the production and running with the book. But the loss of intellectual property, the lack of much needed time to gather an authentic experience to document in said book, and the heavy realization that the promotion and the success of this project would be squarely on us, weighed heavily. After some time, we made our choice. We would write the book, but it would be ours. We would write the book, but it would be genuine in our experiences. We would write the book, but it would be along side of our production; where our children will learn something, where I would work beside my husband, where we would live out our heartsong.

Our book, 'Our Folklyfe,' will be published Fall 2018.

We invite you to join us in our journey, as it will be smelling of wood smoke, heavy with history, and an authentic experience. Thank you for all of the support we were given at the planting of the project, and I know in deepest parts of my heart that this will be an amazing step towards growth, knowledge and security for our family and yours.

'Folklyfe, ' (the web series) is scheduled to be released on March 20, 2018, the first day of Spring.  See you then.