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Work proper to done in the Kitchen-Garden in this Month.

In a forward Spring there is a great deal of Business to be done in this Month. Make fresh Hot-Beds for your Cucumbers and Melons, if the Old ones are grown cold; wheel Dung, and dig into your Ground. Also you may still continue to trench or ridge up any of your Ground that is stiff, or that you will not want to crop till the Beginning or Middle of April, by which Time the Frosts, Snows, Rains, &c. will have meliorated it, and made it much better for any Kitchen-Uses.  You may also towards the End of this Month (if the Weather is mild, and your Situation warm and Soil dry)  sow Carrots, Parsnips, Onions, Leeks, Beets, Parsley, Radishes, Lettuce, Spinage, Asparagus &c.  Towards the Middle of the Month should be sown a second Crop of the Windsor-Bean, to succeed those sown in January; also at the Beginning of the Month may be sow'd a Crop of the Spanish Marotto, Marrow-fat, or any other large Kind of Pease, to succeed the Hotspur before sown.  You may also transplant you Sugar-loaf or other Kinds of Cabbage, to succeed the early Crops planted in November; and at the End of the Month you may remove your Collyflower Plants out of the Beds, that they were presrv'd in all the Winter, planting 'em in a rich warm Piece of Ground, at the proper Distance to remain for good. You may also sow some Colleyflower-Seed on a gentle Hot-Bed, to be covered with Mats. You may also sow of the Sugar-loaf and other late Kinds of Cabbages in in a warm Border. Plant Garlick, Shallot, Rocamble; also some of your sprouted Onions may be planted for Scallions. Continue still to make Hot-Beds for forcing of Asparagus; transplant your Lettuces out of the Beds, that they have been kept in all the Winter, if they are too thick. If the Weather is Mild, you may slip your Artichokes, and plant at the End of the Month.  You may also plant Potatoes and Jerusalem Artichokes.

The Products of the Kitchen-Garden in this Month are Potatoes, Turnips, Parsnips, Carrots, some Cabbages and Savoys, Colworts in Plenty; Cellery, Brocoli, Boorcole, Spinage, Leeks, Onions, Garlick, Rocambole, Shallots, Beets, Asparagus on Hot-Beds, with Radishes, and all sorts of  Sallet-Herbs.

-Adam's Luxury, and Eve's Cookery., 1744